Saturday, June 20, 2009

Well It is Saturday.

Today I have some more housework to do. That's just something that never seems to end. The dreded laundry! You ever notice how you keep doing it and doing it and the pile never seems to get smaller? Guess that's just part of having 3 girls in the house. The puppy is doing great he is such a gental pup. He is doing so good with his house traning. THANK GOD!

We have my brother in law coming over today with his daughter for the girls to all play. Then we are off to a birthday Party. looks like There will be no time for scrapping today. Thanks ok there is always tomorrow.

Lets hope the sun can find it's way out today.... my garden is not doing so good. things are starting to turn a littlw yellow from all the rain. aughhhhh.

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