Thursday, December 31, 2009

January week 1 organization tip

this is a tip that both a scrapbooker and non scrapbooker could use / do..

Digital Picture Storage - Every 3-4 months I save my photos onto CD to make more room on my hard drive. (ok - I also have an external hard drive copy just in case) I generally organize my photos in monthly photos by shooting date (since the camera downloads them that way). I get rid of "bad" photos and then save several months onto a CD. I make a backup CD which I store and I put the other copy in a CD holder glued to the back of my scrapbooks for the same time period. They sell self stick CD envelopes in many scrapbooking stores for this purpose.

Happy New years!!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year! 2009 seemed to go by so fast! The one thing that I wish I did do more was scrap! So with this in mind I have set my new years resolution for 2010... I would like to scrap or do some form of paper craft once a week. and to kick it off i am starting up my challenges once again. Please be sure to check them out and join in with me. another thing i want to do is to get more organized. I fell that this past year I just lost it. to help me do this i am going to post 1 organization tip a week. to try to help me and anyone else who might want to give this a try. these tips will be both scrapbook and non scrapbook tips so anyone could give them a try. I am going to start the LO contest once again starting tomorrow. So be sure to be on the look out for that... I have to upload a ton of pics, so as soon as i do that i will be able to post some new ones on here of what I have been up to this past month... Have a fun and safe new years eve my friends... wishing you all the best.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I really need to get better at this

It has been 2 months sense the last time that I got on here and updated. There has been lots going on here. unfortunately there has been no scrapping. That's right i have not had a chance to scrap in 2 months. So what have I been up to? Well work started up in September and my class has been keeping me busy. My girls are in 4th and 2nd grade now and lets just say OMG whats up with all the homework! Lexi just finished up her fall soccer. Once again she had a blast. They are also now both in colorguard. So far they seem to really like it.
Now to the big news. We are expecting our third daughter on April 8th. the girls can not wait. I have to say that this one is kicking my butt. I can not wait for her to come. although I have alot to do to get ready for her.
Have any of you had a chance to do any Holiday crafts? I want to try to make something for my mother and my mil again this year. I am just out of ideas. So grab a seat and sit down and share your homemade craft ideas...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September already!

really I just feel like Aug. went by way to fast. Spent alot of time in Nh visiting my family, at the beach and at yiayia and papous house. The girls start school tomorrow! Christina will be in the 4th grade and Lexi will be in the 2nd. they really do grow up way to fast.

As for scrapbooking. well that just is something that i have not had a chance to do. I do have a birthday online crop coming up this week so i hope to be able to get some done this week. we shall see.. wish me luck.

Be sure to check out the challenge for this month. I would love to have some more people give them a try.

here are a few pics from last month...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am home!

I spent the first half of the month in NH with my mother and my girls. even with all the rain that we got, we ended up having so much fun. One of my favorite things to do when I go to NH is to go to yard sales. I love finding new things for my classroom and am always looking for scrapbooking stuff. this past weekend I found some buttons, ribbon and a heat gun for my friend.

We had the opportunity to go to a few concerts. one was called 60's invasion, one was called together again a band that plays all Beatles and then we also got to see an old strings concert. all where very nice. I have to say that i liked the 60's invasion the most because it was on the beach.

We also went to a small wild animal zoo, a fair and got to see fireworks 1 and a half times lol. I say half because the second time we started leaving when they started because it started to rain. We watched some in the car but it was poring outside. The forth of July fireworks we so good. although I have to say it was a tad bit cold out.

As for scrapping I have yet to do any this month. I now have plenty to scrap though. I am going to leave the card challenge up for the month. It seems as though we are all very busy and need the month to get to our challenges. As soon as you get it done don't forget to send it to me! I can not wait to see them. (because I am making it for the month you can make it any theme. It does not have to be 4th of July.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Well It is Saturday.

Today I have some more housework to do. That's just something that never seems to end. The dreded laundry! You ever notice how you keep doing it and doing it and the pile never seems to get smaller? Guess that's just part of having 3 girls in the house. The puppy is doing great he is such a gental pup. He is doing so good with his house traning. THANK GOD!

We have my brother in law coming over today with his daughter for the girls to all play. Then we are off to a birthday Party. looks like There will be no time for scrapping today. Thanks ok there is always tomorrow.

Lets hope the sun can find it's way out today.... my garden is not doing so good. things are starting to turn a littlw yellow from all the rain. aughhhhh.

Friday, June 19, 2009

got to do some scrapping.!!!

ok guys so i finally got to do some scrapbooking. wooohoo. it really has been way to long. anyway i got to finish the challenge i had up here for may. sorry so late. i also have one that i got from Sherry. and because she is the only one who joined in on this one i will have a little something in the mail to you. Congrats and THANK YOU for participating on my blog. here arethe items i made yesterday.

Sherry's entry from the may challenge. this came out 2 cute.

A dog frame I made. (just have to add the pic of my puppy. my printer broke augh)

Cards that i made for a challenge on SNC

This was my take on the May challenge. This was lots of fun. who knew that a TP roll could be so fun!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It is Puppy time!

Ok so i know I have not been on here in just way to long. It has been one crazy month. School is out for me and my girls will be out soon too. woohoo. We are also almost done with all our after school actitites as well. (gymnastics recitile tomorrow. The best news of all is our new Puppy Apollo. We got him Monday. He is 9 weeks old. (german shepherd) I just love him to death. So far he has been so good.

I have had no computer for about a month now. I have to sneak on my daughters laptop lol how sad is that. So that would be the other reason why I have not been on. I hope to get a new computer soon.

As for the challenge. I have one entry in so far. come on girls lets give this a try. I will post mine and the other entry on the blog at the end of the month. Lets give this one a try it is going to be so fun.

I plan on scrapping all day tomorrow when my girls are at school. I will finish up my challenge here as well as some from one of my fav. groups scrap n chat. I will be sure to update tomorrow night with pics of what i get done.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It has been a while

Sorry I was gone for so long. I went away to that scrapbooking crop the first weekend in May it was SOOO much fun. If any of you can make it next year you should really try. I will upload some pictures later tonight. I also Celebrated my husbands and my 10 year anniversary last weekend. Wow that went by so fast. It has been so been nothing but a blast!!! My computer is having some problems therefor dh is getting it fixed and that would be another reason why I have not been on. I also had one of my uncles whom I loved dearly pass away from complications from lung cancer. This happened kinda fast, so it took me off guard. my thoughts and prayers are with him. may he rest in peace.

For the month of May I will be posting several card challenges as well as our one big challenge. the big challenge can be seen to on the left side of my blog. You will see a you tube video clip on making tp roll books. they are so cute!! I would love to see what great books you all can come up with using this idea. So share away girls. Your name will go into the hat for the month if you do it.

As for last weeks challenge Sherry is the only one who entered it so i will put her name in my hat. Thanks hun and I love your LO. I will upload pictures of it for you all to see later this weekend. Also if you could all say a prayer for Sherry's grandmother she has been sick and Sherry has had to go to be with her during this hard time. Sherry my prayers are with you hun.

Ok so as i said before i will upload pictures later this weekend I have so many to show you all. I also can not wait to see your mini books so please join in.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's about that time!

I just finished packing for my weekend crop. I am going to point Sebago resort in Casco Maine for a weekend crop. This will be my second year going. I have to say that it is just a blast! There is a group of us going from a great New England scrapbooking yahoo group that i belong to. (if you want more info on this group just let me know) I think that there is about 23ish going now. (that's just from our group). I will be going up to NH tomorrow night to drop my girls off at my moms. then my dear friend Laura and I will drive to Maine on Friday morning.

Here is a link for some more info on this crop...

I will be sure to update with some pictures when I get home.


Friday, April 24, 2009

What a week!

Christos Anesti!!

We had Easter this past week and what a day it was. It is also my father in laws name day so we have everyone come over the house. The weather could have been better but other that that it was just such a beautiful day. here are some pictures.

We have been on vacation here all week. It was so nice. I got to get the girls room all put together, yard all cleaned up and seeded. the garden all cleaned up and ready to dig up. I wish i was able to say i got to scrap but i didn't. sniff sniff. Although I do have my crop coming up that is in Maine I so can not wait for that.

Thank you to Sherry for entering the scraplift this past week you did such a great job. your name is going in the hat for the month. we have one more chance for all of you to get your name in the hat (sherry remember you can get your name in again if you do another LO as well) I just uploaded a new sketch for you all to try. I know i am getting this in late so you have till May 3rd to get this to me. I will then get out the hat and pick a name for a prize. Good luck to all of you. here is the LO that Sherry did for last weeks sketch. (I LOVE THIS)

the sketch

Sherry's LO

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Congrats to Sherry!!!

My daughter picked your name for the winner for March's sketch challenges. I want to thank everyone for joining in on all the fun during the month of March and would love to see some more LO entries. Remember if you make a Lo and do not want to have it posted on my blog but want to have your name go in the drawing. Just send me the picture of you LO with note that you do not want it public. I can not wait to see more of every ones creations. I will have a prize out to you this week.

here is her LO

Monday, March 30, 2009

wanted to share a great forum

I wanted to let you all know about a great forum that I am part of. It is not very big, but is starting to grow. We have alot of fun on there. there are different scrapbooking, card making and photo challenges that you can join in every month. They also have some fun swaps for you to join in on as well. So if you are like me and are always looking for another challenge come on by and join the group. Just tell them i sent you over. the link is

Sunday, March 29, 2009

So happy this month is almost over!

This has been such a long month here. My family has been sick all month. I am so sorry that I was not able to keep up to date with everything on here. As sick as i was I was still able to take Christina horseback riding with her GS troop. she had so much fun. Lexi got to go with us but could not ride. She did however get the chance to help care for a horse there.

I am going to keep the challenge the same this week. With hope that someone will enter. I will have a new one up next week. I will also have a drawing later today to pick the name for this months Rak winner. Good luck to all the ladies who entered the challenges. I hope to see more of you join in for the month of April.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I got to do a little scrapping.

I got to have a little fun this weekend. I only got 3 LO's done because i was back and forth with Lexi. The poor thing. I hope she feels better soon. So here are the Lo's I got done. The first one is for the challenge on here and the other two are for challenges on scrapbooking groups / forums that I am on.

For the challenge on here. I have no journaling onit because its for a book for my mom. I am leaving it blank there for her to fill in. Its from her vacation. The first one is for the challenge on here.

It is such a nice day today!

I got to go for a little walk with my older DD. feels so good to walk without that big winter jacket on. Wish i could have stayed out longer but my little one is sick so we had to come in. She wants mommy. Before we came in I took this picture and wanted to share it with all of you. Hard to think that just 2 weeks ago we got a foot of snow.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I got to scrap a little last night.

I had the chance to make a little shadow box for a friend who just had a baby. I don't have a picture of her yet. but you can see where there is some tape in the spot where the picture is going to go. This was so much Fun to make. I used some items from a challenge that i entered on a scrapbooking group i am on. They send you 5 items and everyone in the group gets the same 5 items and then you have to make something with them. It can be a LO, Card or as i did an altered item. You can add anything you want to it. all that is said is that you have to use the items that were sent to you. It is going to be fun to see what everyone comes up with. I just might have to give this a try on here next month. you will have to tell me what you all think and if i get enough feedback on it i might give it a try with all of you. Anyway here is my shadow box i made.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Feb. Scraplift challenge winner announcement

Congrats to LauraC. My daughter Christina picked out your name for this months Lo Challenge winner. These cards all came out great! Funny how we all made cards out of the sketch. here are the Cards that where submitted to me.



I also want to say a big congratulations to my friends David and Allison on their new baby girl. She is just 2 cute guys. May all your dreams and wishes come true. May she blessed with a lifetime of happiness.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

been to long

wow it has been almost a month sense I was last on here. What a bad month I had here. Seems like my 2 little ones we sick non - stop. I can not wait for spring to come and to be able to open up windows both home and at school to air everything out. I did not have a chance to get any scrapping done. how sad is that! I am going to check my mail and see if i missed any emails before i pick a name for Feb. Challenge. I do hope to get some scrapping done this month. WISH ME LUCK! I Have my older Daughters Birthday on Monday so we are getting ready for her party. it should be lots of fun. She is having an American Idol party. we have a karaoke machine and trophies, blow up guitars and will be making tambourines. there is going to be 20 girls here so wish me luck. ok so I have a list of Challenges that i want to get done this month. Some cards and some LO. I would love to hear from all of you about the challenges that you will be working on this month.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

This past weeks scraplift.

If any of you made this and just did not get it to me yet, you have till 12:00 tonight to get it to me for your name to go in the pot. I have one from Sue B. so so pretty. and I have made one as well. So Sue your name goes into the pot for a chance at the RAK.

Here is the sketch we had.

here is Sue B. card. (love this)

here is my take on it. I made a card as well

Be sure to look at what I have for next weeks challenge. It is one I am sure you can all join in. An easy way for a chance at a fun RAK. Remember to read how i do my challenges on the right side of my blog. If you have any questions please let me know.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

just finished a LO

Hi everyone! I just finished a LO for a scrapbooking forum i am on and wanted to post it here as well. This is from my girls school dance. it was a red, white and, blue theme dance. They had so much fun. I am still working on the page 2 to the LO and when it is done i will post that as well.Hope you all had a great sunday and are ready for yet another week.

Jan challenge Rak winner

Hey there everyone. Well I just can not get over the fact that January is already over. I have been having lots of fun scrapping and getting to know all of you this past month. The winner if the January Sketch challenges was picked out of a cup by my daughter. (she was so happy to help)and the winner is....

Sue B.

Sue please email me with your snail mail addy and i will get a rak out to you this week.

Monday, January 26, 2009

had a blast yesterday with my fiskateer friends

there was a online crop on the fiskateers site. we had so much fun. i did not get any LO's done but i did get into my scrapbooking stash and got to do some crafting.

here are some items i made.
Magnets that i had (free ones that come in the mail) I altered. to hold my girls art work

two cards that i made for some friends

fiskateer name tag

There are some more items that i am working on and when I finish I will post them here. I did not get any LO's sent in for this past week. Therefor i have a rak that I will set aside for another day. Please be sure to look at this weeks scraplift. I am sure you will love it. Remember I will pick a name from all the Lo that i get and that person will win a prize from me. Just follow the steps under challenge info.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

check it out girls

go to

they are broadcasting live from the CHA show. so be sure to go check it out.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

how cute are these!

Check out these cool new Bucket kits from Queen & Co. they are just to die for.

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