Sunday, January 10, 2010

Organization tip January week 2

OK so lets start the new year off right. It's time we go through our supplies and see what we will use and what we will not. Maybe you have some baby stuff left over from a album you made for a friend or paper that you had to have and never did use. well lets gather that stuff up and clear it out. You could do several things with it.
1. put them together in themes and sell it as a package on ebay.. then you can use the money from that and get something that you really need or want.
2. send a rak to a friend. we all love getting them and they are just as much fun to send.
3. host a challenge or a contest and give it to a person who joins in. this not only will get you scrapping but it will help others get their scrapping mojo back too.

So with that all in mind. lets set some time aside this week to clean out PART of our scraproom. I would love to hear or see what you get accomplished

1 comment:

  1. What great ideas. It's so easy to acumilate a ton of extra supplies. A good purge every so often would be helpful keeping it down.