Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

First I want to wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year! I stayed home last night. we had my in laws over as well as some friends. It was a nice quiet night. the girls were both able to stay up till 12 and not turn into a grouch. Yia-yia is in FL> on vacation with Thea (her sister who is here from Greece. We miss you guys!) Therefor i was the one to pick up the Greek New Years cake. well I did not get the chance to go out yesterday. Although our little ch eff (Lexi) made the Greek New years cake. she did so good. she opened all the almonds then she was so happy that she got to smash them all with a hammer (I can not find my food processor anywhere)She thought that smashing the nuts meant they didn't have to go in the cake so she was happy about that until it was time to add them hehehehe. then she said "fine!! I will make it but.... I AM NOT EATING THAT STUFF" lol she is just 2 funny note to self... she ate it! Christina was the lucky one and got the coin this year. Theo was just so sad... poor Theo.

I plan on doing some scrapbooking today. I hope to have some of you join in on the fun. I have posted a scraplift of the week on here. I do hope to have some of you do it with me. for every scraplift or other challenge i toss at you that you do I will add your name to my prize box. I will pick a name out at the end of the month to send a prize to. the more you do the more times you name will go in my hat. (look at the challenge rules for more info.


  1. oooh I like the idea of a Challenge!! It keeps me scrapping when I may not other wise have inspiration! I'll see what I can do to join in!

  2. sounds great i am going to add your name to it.