Thursday, January 8, 2009

What a week.

This has been one crazy week. We had some ice here on Monday and my younger daughters and i all fell. they fell on their way to the bus. and I fell on my way back from dropping them off at the bus. (they both seemed fine when they got up no crying or anything... I on the other hand was DONE!!! I hit my head so hard on the ground that i was nauseous for 2 days and I still have a headache. augh... My younger daughter the next day could not even move. Seems she got torticollis from her fall. so she has been home from school the past few days. she might make it to school tomorrow. With that all said, now you know why i have not been able to update. I just posted a new sketch challenge for the week and i hope you all can join in. here is my take on it. I had a lot of fun with this one. sorry it came out so dark.


  1. O yes I like it all I love the way U journaled too and the glitter stars..
    I so sorry all fell down and got hurt. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! That is so dangerous.

  2. thanks hun. it is Sat. now and the headache is starting to almost be gone. my girls are both doing good now. kids seem to bounce back so fast.