Saturday, January 3, 2009

weekend update.

Lets start with friday!
Friday we went to stoughton, MA to beantown diner to see my koumbari. Love this place. They always have the best food and I am never able to eat it all. We then went to get the car wooohoo i have had no car for almost 2 weeks. so happy to have it back now. then to the store to get new glasses for Lexi. lets hope these ones last longer then 4 months. I was able to get all of the Christmas decorations down and my tree out last night. Feels so good to have my house back in order again. I just wish i had a chance to scrap some.
Saturday Christina had basketball today and got her first hoop. (she was so happy because they now play on the BIG nets) we left there to go get her new sneakers. she needed them so bad. now we are home and i am ready to scrap. i just wanted to catch up on here a little bit. I will post the LO's i am working on as soon as i finish them.

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  1. OOO I got mine taken down too.. I did not put up to much this year... So gld u got your car back to..